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Services We Offer

Reactive Service

Our certified and trained technicians are available 24/7, 365 to provide reactive service on your beverage equipment. Our vehicles are stocked with manufacturer parts enabling our techs to trouble shoot and solve most problems on the first trip to your site. Our dispatchers and office staff are ready to provide you with up to the minute information on your job status and our availability to meet your service requirements. We always have an ON CALL tech when needed.

Stand By Service

We offer this special service for Special Events, Fairs, Amusement Parks, Professional Sporting events and Concert where any equipment down time would be costly and imperative to have a technician on site for immediate repairs.

Phone Support

Our office staff has several trained technicians that can help you phone fix or assist you with some trouble shooting issues you might incur. This is a free service to our customers!


The Great American Beverage Co.; “GABCO” is always ready to assist you with your beverage equipment and ice machine installation. Our Installers are some of the best in the industry. We Install from custom home units to the Largest of Sporting Arenas and Amusement parks. We can receive your new equipment at our warehouses, delivery to your site, installation your equipment, connect to utilities, ratio and program, test for leaks, training your personnel, removal and disposal of used equipment. We Install from simple to the most advanced Soda, Beer, Juice and Liquor Systems.

Removal and De-installations

If you have a site that is getting remodeled or demolished, The Great American Beverage Co.; “GABCO” can save you time and keep the work site free of massive syrup spillage by professional technicians that can flush and clear lines to be removed. We can terminate the beverage equipment and lines from other systems tied in your system to be removed. We can isolate and keep 1/2 your system up and running while the other 1/2 of the system is removed or remodeled.

Preventative Maintenance and Ice Machine Cleaning

Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs for Ice and Beverage equipment are designed for the customer to maintain a quality product, sanitation and reduce the frequency of costly service calls and downtime. PM’s are important and required in many cases because our equipment is making product we consume, Drinks and Ice which are food products.

You can plan an ongoing preventative maintenance programs with The Great American Beverage Co. and our technicians will service your equipment as per your specs and keep you equipment running smooth. You can also request and schedule periodic cleaning and Filter replacements at your request.

Scheduled Line Cleaning and Sanitizing

Some beverages require lines to be periodically cleaned, flushed and sanitized. The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of product being dispensed, such as beer, wine or juices. We offer these services and can schedule cleaning request.


The Great American Beverage Company offers an In House Leasing plan which includes full service repair for equipment related malfunctions or an outside funding leasing where you can own equipment at end of your lease.


We have several rental units and portable bars that can be used for large Party’s, Weddings, Fairs and other special events.

Equipment Refurbishing

We have “in-house” equipment technicians who will bring your equipment back to a like new condition. Equipment is completely dismantled then cosmetic items such stickers, switches and brew baskets are replaced or painted.

Units are then reassembled and bench tested. All units are drained, polished, cleaned and wrapped.

Pricing estimates and what you like can be pre-arranged.

Water Filter “Auto Ship” and Water Filter replacement Program

Let us install your commercial water filtration system and maintain your equipment with our scheduled filter replacement programs and reactive service. We supply filters that will keep your equipment working efficiently.

Flavor Changes

If it is time to change things up any try some new flavors! We can do that. Carbonated to Non carbonated and back again. We can calibrate and brix drinks as needed.

Fountain Syrups, Juices, Gases and Supplies

The Great American Syrup Co. is an authorized wholesaler of Coca Cola Fountain Products. We and also distribute several other flavors of Juices and syrups. We supply CO² gas, Nitrogen and mixed gases as well. Soda Stream CO2 tanks can be swapped and filled.

Equipment Sales

The Great American Beverage Company sells Ice Machines, Liquor Systems, Soda and Juice Machines, Coffee and Tea.

Cubed Ice and Dry Ice

Available for sale at our Historic Newhall Ice Building in Newhall, California.

You're in Great Hands

Comprehensive dispensing solutions

The Great American Beverage Company specializes in almost every type of dispensing equipment available.

Authorized distributor of Coca Cola products

The Great American Syrup Company is an authorized distributor of Coca-Cola Fountain Syrups.

National service and installation provider

We are committed to providing services that demonstrate superior workmanship and technical excellence.

Commitment to high ethical standards

The Great American Beverage Company is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in every aspect of their business.

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