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The Historic Newhall Ice Building

The Newhall Ice Building is more than just a structure; it’s a testament to American resilience as a distribution center for ice sales over the past 100 years. Constructed in the early 20th century, this historic building has seen the rise and fall of numerous industries, survived multiple economic transformations, and stood the test of time. It’s a story of heritage, and we are proud to have this historic monument as a part of our legacy.

In the early days, the Newhall Ice Building served the critical function of storing and distributing ice for the local community. As the times changed and technology advanced, so did the role of this architectural gem. It’s been our honor to give it a new lease on life as the operational hub for our business.

The Historic Newhall Ice Building is now home to the Great American Syrup Company.

But the services offered at the Historic Newhall Ice Building extend beyond syrup production. Reflecting its icy origins, we proudly serve the local community with a variety of products and services, including the sale of dry ice and bulk ice. We are the area’s trusted source for CO2 filling – an essential service for local businesses and home consumers alike. Additionally, we offer firewood sales, delivering high-quality, well-seasoned firewood perfect for those cozy California evenings.

We’re not just a business – we’re a part of the local community. The Historic Newhall Ice Building isn’t merely a piece of architectural history; it’s a living, thriving testament to American innovation and resilience.

As you explore our website and learn more about our diverse range of beverages and services, we hope you take a moment to appreciate the rich history that permeates every corner of the Newhall Ice Building. From the first ice blocks stored here more than a century ago to the delicious syrup and beverage products we provide today, we are proud to continue the legacy of this remarkable site.

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